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Thanks to electronic products adhesive Chinese market will maintain double-digit growth

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Although China's economic growth is slowing down, but Henkel Adhesives Technologies business in China has not slowed down the growth rate, still maintained double-digit growth. "Senior Vice President of Henkel Mike (Michael Olosky) to accept the" First Financial Daily "reporters. (More exclusive financial news, please add micro signal cbn-yicai)

Henkel Adhesive Technologies is one of Henkel (Henkel) Group's three business areas, it began operating in 1923 to provide adhesives, sealants and functional coating solutions. Sales in fiscal year 2013 reached 8.177 billion euros, accounting for 50% of the Henkel Group's total sales.

Asia-Pacific region has always been one of the main drivers of Henkel's overall business growth, and China is Henkel's Adhesives Technologies business unit's second-largest market in the world.

At the same time as the person in charge of Henkel Adhesive Technologies Asia Pacific region, Mike said the global adhesives market size of about 60 billion euros, the Chinese market accounted for 11 billion euros, the market is growing rapidly.

Henkel adhesive technologies widely used in the automotive, packaging, consumer electronics and other industries. It is noteworthy that one of the key customers of Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the smart phones and tablet computer design, manufacturers. It is understood that Henkel used in smart phone display innovative adhesive can make four times the contrast of the screen, because it can monitor the air bubbles in the assembly process to fully squeezed, then by Henkel transparent optical adhesive overall improve the interface performance and save battery energy.

Henkel Lvdao Jiang said the vice president, Henkel Adhesives Technologies will work with Chinese and Korean consumer electronics industry leader, developing flexible displays, including applications in the smart phone's curved display.

"Henkel adhesive technology has been used in 60 percent of the vast majority of smartphones and tablet computers, smart phones usher in the growth of the company is also the world's largest smartphone manufacturers and designers to develop products." However, Lvdao Jiang said that as the provisions of the agreement between the parties, a specific co disclose.

In fact, China and the Asia-Pacific market for mobile phones, handheld devices, displays, lighting and wearable technology needs steady growth, will further boost the market demand for adhesive technology.

"China is already the Henkel Adhesives Technologies most important market, the business in China has maintained double-digit growth, has not yet seen any decline, therefore the judgment, the next few years the Chinese market will remain double-digit growth. "Mike also introduced, Henkel Adhesives annual investment of nearly 250 million euros in technological innovation, the ratio of R & D investment in China has also been given a greater inclination, such as Henkel Exhibition Center is only China only There.

Last September, Henkel Adhesives Technologies in China established the world's largest adhesives factory in Shanghai Dragon factory maximum annual output of 428,000 tons adhesive. Henkel official said, Long factory started production more than a year, in terms of productivity and efficiency, are in line with expectations, it is to build a strong production capacity closer to customers, respond quickly to the needs of local industry, to seize market opportunities.

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